Covid-19 or not, SEO genius Pacospain (Frank Opmeer) is triumphing like always!

Frank aka pacospain aka SEO genius Pacospain (prefers to be called Paco) kindly offered to share his experience as a business man and freelancer in the Covid-19 situation.

Frank get’s top marks every where! Covid-19 or not, while other sellers lost 50% of their normal sales after the Covid-19 started, Paco is selling more then ever and increased his sales upto 65%. Why is it that Paco is having so much work and others not? He is the top seller on many places! (5 star ratings is not a problem for Paco) and he’s always available and responds in seconds. With always high quality work done. You, as a buyer know he’s going to be on it!

Paco is a legend in the SEO industry, provides quality work in a short matter of time and has a customer support you will not see every where that good.

Some question we asked to Paco (aka Pacospain) will give you a view on what kind of professional service you will receive!

How long have you been freelancing?

We have been freelancing for around 16 years now. We started with a few freelance services and we growth out to do almost any request or service a client needs.

Why do you freelance?

We are very passionate about getting a project succeed! I place myself in the position of the client, they pay for something and want exactly what they order and results of course. It is not easy to start up a business, so I am very strict in to make it succeed for the client.
The work done should be the highest quality and we always do more to make sure the client get value for their money. A smile on the face of the client is important! The client should not have to worry about the quality or work done!
Old saying: Client is KING at Pacospain!

Did Covid-19 affect your business?

Yes it affected my business in a positive way! Our sales increased by 65% and still increasing more every day, that really gives me satisfaction, because it seems we doing something good here and we very pleased about it!

What type of projects have you worked on with your Pacospain team?

We working on almost any kind of project, online and offline shops, adult websites, casinos, personal websites, construction websites, video Tube websites etc. but most of what they need is SEO.
The goal is the same, make it happen for the client!

How do you communicate your results?

We always clear to the client, you do not understand ask us! We will explain it to you. So, it is better the client understands the work done. Then not knowing it at all, and this also prevent problems of course. Unfortunately some times things do not work out well, and so we do some extra to fix it. Hey, we have a good customer support before and after the work is done!

What would you do if you missed a deadline?

Well, the main thing is that we do not miss the deadline, but may it happen, we for sure inform the client in time; and do something extra as compensation (what we do anyway with every order). Like said I am very strict person regarding the work that needs to be done and a deadline belongs with that, it should be delivered on time. PERIOD!

What else are you passionate about outside of work Pacospain?

Helping people, is what I like to do. I do it in my work and outside of my work. Most important you should remember; some people do not have an easy life and if you can make a smile on someone’s face by supporting them financially a bit to get the worries of their chest or just by paying attention to them, I will certainly do it. It gives me satisfaction that a person has a great day! Keep in mind money is just a tool! Do not get obsessed with it, make sure you use it well and not only on yourself! And besides that having my free time, is very important to me. Having fun and being able to relax, go places, and have time for people I know.

Anything else you think we’d like to know about you or that you’d like to share?

Loving the work I do, going to the limit to satisfy my clients, and knowing I made them happy; because they come back on a later day is just real satisfaction after you have completed a job.

Thanks Frank … Oops Paco 🙂 for sharing your experience. We’re delighted you are triumphing like always and even better!

Newbie sellers take note, buyers are nice people so go on give selling a go on Pacayo and Megapigs freelance platforms, if you need some extra money in the Covid-19 situation!

Thank you for your time Paco aka freelancer Pacospain, or we can better say SEO genius Pacospain!