The New Freelance Marketplace - Freelancers Marketplace

Pacayo Launched New!

After a long struggle we finally upgraded the site with new features, new design and we made it in multiple languages; However we decided to make it as main language English.

Your back office profile page has the option to receive your system messages in 4 different languages, Spanish, English, German and Dutch. The translate option can translate services, pages in multiple languages.

We have added an affiliate program you can earn a 10% on purchases made on; You can read more about it on the affiliate program page. We have added below a fast rundown of some features.


There is an option to give your clients a discount you can do this in percentage or a fixed discount. There are many other options are available.

Post Requests

Buyers can post requests easily!  Freelancers can subscribe to any request made and they will receive a notification when it is published; So you can be the first to send a proposal to the buyer!


Payments are done by PayPal and Payoneer. Yes we added Payoneer as a second options for people that are not able to receive PayPal payments or of course if you rather have Payoneer payments you can select this options


Freelancers finally the packages are included when you create your service. If you have more options for 1 service that are similar to your basic service use the packages to let buyers select easy the package they want! Recommendation, when you create a service to read the guidelines that are displayed when you select for example ‘description’! Once you created your service make sure to read this page, to get fast sales and exposure!


Upload an avatar and write something about yourself on your profile, THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! It is a point of trust and buyers are more likely to order from you, your profile is on every service you posted!

Keep your account active login once a day, buyers can see or you have been active, so stay active!

Some last words always trying to be better and make it better. Keep a nice place for buyers and sellers and follow the rules. Conversations and orders are monitored by the system and our staff, don’t be foolish to leave any personal information in your profile, order, message or attachment, unfortunately when that happens we have to say goodbye to you!

Happy Selling!


Recommendation; also check out our other website for Freelancers